Hispania Racing German Grand Prix 2011

July 24, 2011

German Grand Prix

Nürburgring, Germany

Sunday, 24th of July of 2011

Weather: Cloudy – Air 14ºC, Track 19ºC

Race: 60 laps

Track distance: 5.148km

Vitantonio Liuzzi       F111-002 #23  DNF

Daniel Ricciardo        F111-003 #22  19th

HRT F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo completed the second race of his F1 career and finished in 19th position in cool and challenging conditions at the Nürburgring. Team mate Vitantonio Liuzzi’s car suffered an unfortunate electrical failure on lap 37 causing him to retire from the race.

Vitantonio Liuzzi: “It was a shame because, even though the penalisation for the gearbox meant we had to start from P23, we had a strong start where we passed a few cars on the first lap and had good pace.  A few laps into the race we started to suffer some problems with the brake balance and we lost quite a bit of pace. After the pit stop, with the tyre change, we recovered our strong pace until an unfortunate electronic issue forced us to retire”.

“Overall, there’s been an improvement from Silverstone but we need to push harder and cannot relax for the next race. Luckily, the Hungarian GP is around the corner and we have to look ahead. It will be a difficult one because the track doesn’t suit our car much but we will fight as usual”.

Daniel Ricciardo: “It was good to finish. I think we’ve made a good step from Silverstone but there’s still quite a long way to go. It’s quite a steep learning curve but I think I’ve climbed a little bit of that this week. If I can keep this way then I’m sure that in a few races time the progress will be more obvious by, hopefully, finishing a few positions further up”.

“If I can make the same step from Silverstone for Hungary then it’s going to look more promising. I’m quite happy with the progress”.

Colin Kolles, Team Principal: “Of course I would have preferred a two car finish. Tonio had a good race despite brake problems at the start, but was able to maintain a good distance to Heikki Kovalainen. He retired just before two-thirds distance because of an electrical failure. It was a real pity because the team had taken all precautions during the weekend and had a good pace in the race. The pit stops went smoothly”.

“On a positive note, Daniel has completed his second solid race in a row. He is making good progress”.

Mercedes GP Preview German Grand Prix 2011

July 21, 2011


“The 2011 Formula One season reaches its midway point this weekend with Round 10, the German Grand Prix, hosted at the historic Nürburgring circuit in the Eifel Mountains on Sunday 24 July. After the British Grand Prix on 10 July, the weekend will be the second home race in a row for the MERCEDES GP PETRONAS team.

“The circuit itself presents a complete challenge: The run from the start to the first corner at the Nürburgring is 500m, the furthest of all circuits used in 2011,there are three corners below 100 kph as well as three over 250 kph, so good performance at both low and high speeds is critical.

“Of course, the famous Eifel weather is always capable of throwing a joker into the pack – even in late July – so we need to remain adaptable and ready to seize every opportunity. Our race performance in Silverstone showed signs of an upward trend, and we hope that the practice sessions next weekend will allow us to extract further performance from our new aerodynamic package.

“We will certainly be giving everything in order the get the best possible result on home turf.”

Norbert Haug commented: “The story of the Silver Arrows began 77 years ago at the Nürburgring in 1934, and this year’s German Grand Prix will mark the first time that the modern Silver Arrows, and our MERCEDES GP PETRONAS team, will be racing at this historic circuit.

“This will be a very special weekend for our team, with many of our loyal fans and colleagues supporting Nico, Michael and Mercedes-Benz at our second home race in a fortnight. Formula One is on a high in Germany right now, and the crowd is going to be bigger than when we last raced there in 2009 – hopefully we will see a sell-out on Sunday and a fully packed Mercedes-Benz grandstand at the spectacular Turn 1 as well.

Ferrari Pleased with British Grand Prix Win

July 20, 2011

Fernando Alonso Ferrari 150 Monaco

Ferrari are relieved at winning their first Grand prix this season at Silverstone as their Team Principal, Stefano Domenicali commented: “For the first three months of the season I would give a negative score to Ferrari for its performance but I would say the last part of the first half of the year was better because, although we only took one win, we were competitive enough to have won more, but for various circumstances, so I would score it slightly higher, maybe a bit more than the average, in the hope that the second half of the season will be higher still.

“We don’t have to look at the classification, but instead make sure that our performance is always at the highest standard race by race. We know of course that this is difficult because the competition is extremely strong. Then, we will see later on what will be the outcome of the championship but at the moment we will just fight race by race.

“That victory in Silverstone was an important moment in this season, made more so as it was also linked to our first victory sixty years ago with Gonzalez on the same track.

“We know that Ferrari cannot be happy with winning just one race so far this season, but it was important for the morale of everyone in the company to make sure that everyone feels the pleasant atmosphere that comes with being successful.

“I never considered a season without a win. Don’t forget that in the last eighteen years, Ferrari has always won at least one grand prix per year. Eighteen years is a lot and I don’t think that other teams can claim this sort of result.”

Mercedes Expect to Perform Well in Germany

July 19, 2011

Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button

Michael Schumacher is looking forward to his home Grand Prix and is hopeful of having a faster car. “We saw some improvements over the Silverstone weekend with our new exhaust system, along with improvements to how we work with the tyres, so we go to the next race weekend with a good feeling added to our fighting spirit.

“We definitely want to show our home crowds our best level of performance possible. This season has been a difficult one for performance predictions so far; however I can predict one thing for sure: the extra boost we are receiving will be transformed into extra motivation.

“It will be the first time that I race through the corner which is named after me [turns eight and nine], and obviously I would like to believe that this is not only making me proud, but also even faster.”

Mercedes Team Principal, Ross Brawn, is also expecting an improvement in performance. “Our car showed positive signs of improvement with the new upgrade package and exhaust system in Silverstone, and we have been working hard since then to further enhance our understanding of its performance capabilities.

“We are hopeful of continuing this progression and putting on a good performance next weekend, giving our drivers the opportunity to show what they can do in front of their own supporters.”

Pirelli Anticipates The Nurburgring

July 19, 2011

Pirelli P Zreo

The Italian tyre manufacturer, Pirelli, evaluates this weekend’s German Grand Prix. “The Nurburgring is one of the most iconic venues in motorsport, but the modern 5.148- kilometre circuit built in 1984 for the European Grand Prix has little in common with the 22-kilometre Nordschleife that made the name famous.

“The rollercoaster blind crests of the legendary northern loop, which hosted the German race until 1976, have given way to a much more open and technical track, which tests all the parameters on a Formula One car, including the tyres.

“To cope with the varied demands of the Nurburgring, Pirelli is bringing its P Zero White medium tyre as the prime and the P Zero Yellow soft as an option.

“There is an ample variety of speeds and corners, with plenty of changes in direction and some steep cambers that enable the drivers to carry a lot of speed through the corners. This also gives rise to a number of heavy braking areas, while the tyres are also put to the test by several impacts with the kerbing that is a feature of the track.

“With six German drivers on the grid this year, the country is better represented than any other nationality, making Germany’s round of the Formula One World Championship extremely popular with the fans. However, none of the teams has particularly recent data for the Nurburgring, as the circuit takes turns with Hockenheim to host the German Grand Prix.

“Although the Nurburgring has not often been declared a wet race, the last one being in 2007, the weather in the Eifel region is notoriously changeable due to the mountainous nature of the terrain. This means that it can be dry on one part of the circuit but very wet at another: just as was the case at the beginning of the British Grand Prix two weeks ago in Silverstone.

“On that occasion the P Zero Blue intermediate tyres impressed with their consistent and durable performance in a wide range of conditions, and they could feature once again in Germany, along with the P Zero Orange wets.

“During Friday’s free practice sessions, the teams will have the chance to try out a new version of the P Zero Yellow soft tyre, which is being evaluated for use in the future. This new version of the tyre features increased durability and less degradation.”

PZero Red PZero Yellow PZero White PZero Silver
Australia Soft Hard
Malaysia Soft Hard
China Soft Hard
Turkey Soft Hard
Spain Soft Hard
Monaco Supersoft Soft
Canada Supersoft Soft
Europe Soft Medium
Great Britain Soft Hard
Germany Soft Medium

Well Contolled Drive by Lewis

July 17, 2011

Lewis Hamilton

Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren’s Team Principal, was impressed with Lewis Hamilton’s drive at the British Grand Prix last weekend. “In difficult conditions Lewis drove a great race. He has to be congratulated for discipline and control to race a car in which he had to back off, to save fuel, to coast.

“It sounds easy, but your tyres and brakes cool off, the balance changes and it is much more difficult to drive a car when it’s not on the sweet spot, but he did a great job.

“I think it was a drive in response to the critics, just avoiding the podium in a car that wasn’t the quickest. In difficult conditions Lewis drove a great race. He has to be congratulated for discipline and control to race a car in which he had to back off, to save fuel, to coast.

“It would have been very easy, under the conditions, to have become frustrated, to have not saved the required fuel, to have lost focus and balance when in effect you are having to let drivers past. It’s not a comfortable place to be, but he drove without mistake, with the right levels of passion and aggression, and above all with the right level of discipline and control throughout.

“It is accepted and acknowledged there is more pressure on a team like McLaren than the majority of the teams in this paddock. I don’t have a problem with that because actually the pressure is from within us. We expect to win. If we ever sat back and said ‘Well, that was okay, it was fourth place, nearly a podium’, and started to congratulate ourselves, then it would be the beginning of the end.

“We have to be disappointed all the time we are not winning any of the races. Sometimes that is a positive motivating force, other times it can bubble over into a destructive frustration. It can be amplified in some things you say, but you have to accept that is part of the game.”

Fernando Alonso’s Diary – I’m Still Enjoying It

July 16, 2011

Microsoft Word - CARTA_INTESTATA_F1_2011.doc

“What a great feeling, winning again and I’m revelling in it all the more now I’m back home in Oviedo! When a Grand Prix is over, there is a rush of emotion, but then there are so many things to do, what with press conferences and the debrief, so you have to stay very focussed but the following morning, you wake up happy and there’s a truly special feeling that goes with it and I have to say I’m still feeling that way now!

“I haven’t spent too much time thinking about the technical reasons behind the win in the British Grand Prix. Each race has its own story and we know only too well how much things can change when you go from one track to another. There were definitely some major improvements on the car, which mean it feels much easier to drive now and you can feel it much more stuck to the ground than before, especially in the fast corners.

“That means it’s got more aerodynamic downforce, which was the area where we trailed our main rivals the most. However, I don’t think the changes to the engine mapping were a factor: we were quicker specifically at the part of the track where you practically don’t have to brake, which means it is the actual car that is going well.

“This win won’t change our approach to the coming races. We have to be realistic, because we are 92 points behind in the classification and that is a very big gap! We will tackle the races one at a time, trying to win as many as possible. This will also involve taking a few more risks and maybe it will happen that we pay a high price for that, but there is no alternative.

“We are definitely not giving up, but we must not think about the championship: as Montezemolo said yesterday in Maranello, we are keeping our feet on the ground. On Sunday morning, I had great fun doing a couple of laps in the 375 F1 which brought Ferrari its first championship Grand Prix win back in 1951. I had already driven a very similar car, the 375 Indy, in Valencia at the Ferrari Days event.

“It definitely takes a bit of getting used to with a very different pedal arrangement, with the accelerator on the left and the brake on the right. The engine power to tyre grip ratio is the complete opposite of the cars we drive today. You need to change your driving style to go quickly, but it was a wonderful experience. Sure, back then, not only did the drivers need to be incredibly talented, but they also needed a good dose of craziness!

“There was a special atmosphere at Silverstone on Sunday. The crowd is always very big there and they are all very involved in the event. For us it felt different and I can’t explain why: maybe it was because we wanted to do well on this important anniversary in our history. Ever since I have been with Ferrari, there have often been unusual coincidences between my wins and special moments. For example, on my debut in red in Bahrain last year, or the first time I raced for the Scuderia at Monza. Now this win has come, sixty years after Gonzalez took the victory.

“I hope there will be many more moments like this!”

Ferrari Looking for Second Win

July 13, 2011

Microsoft Word - CARTA_INTESTATA_F1_2011.doc

Ferrari Report British Grand Prix 2011

July 12, 2011

Microsoft Word - CARTA_INTESTATA_F1_2011.doc

Microsoft Word - CARTA_INTESTATA_F1_2011.doc

McLaren Drivers Have Frustrating British Grand Prix

July 11, 2011

Jenson and Lewis

Lewis Hamilton commented shortly after the race: “It was crazy. First of all the team did a fantastic job with all the pitstops and really today, coming here knowing the support we had – I’ve never known so many people here at Silverstone. The support we have here is far beyond any driver will get anywhere else, I believe. Massively thankful for that. So I could feel them spurring me on and I had a good start, made some places up.

“Unfortunately at the end, with 21 laps to the end or something, I had to save fuel, massively. So I had to give Webber the position and then the last lap they said ‘okay, now you can push’ and I was like ‘oh, thanks’ after I’ve let him [Massa] catch me up but I was not giving him that position, no way.”

“Because you are always trying to drive to the fine line and of course I can think of the guys in front, Ferraris and Red Bulls, they didn’t look like they had to save fuel so that’s not a positive on our side. They tell me go to this delta, but I want to make sure I’m always there and not too much or too little, I don’t want to save too much fuel and make sure I can still keep my position.

Hamilton’s driving has been examined closely by the race stewards recently and he joked that he was going to visit them this time without having to be summoned. “I’ve got like a platinum card for the stewards, so I expect to be there! I’m actually going straight from here to the stewards – just sit there and wait – rather than go back and come back.”

Jenson Button’s final pit stop was shambolic as he was released into the pit lane before his right front wheel had been attached properly. “As I turned up the hill, the wheel came off. I stopped immediately, very disappointing. We all make mistakes, we all hope they never happen.

“Disappointing also because it was in front of the home crowd – good couple of battles out there and the pace was very good before my stop. It was all looking pretty sweet and I think I would have come out alongside Mark Webber, if not ahead of Mark, when I made my pitstop. So much could have happened and there’s always the possibility of a podium when you are that far up and the pace is good.”

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