Mercedes Preview Indian Grand Prix 2011

October 23, 2011

Nico Rosberg

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes
“For the next race, we are heading to India for the first time; a country which a lot of people tell me is fascinating. I’m looking forward to experiencing this new culture and seeing the track for the first time. I am sure we will be impressed with what has been done there. There has been a lot of interest in the build-up to the event, and therefore hopefully we will entertain a lot of new fans in India.

“I’ve always been happy to welcome new tracks on the calendar and enjoy the challenge of adapting to them. The outcome of the last race in Korea was unlucky for us, therefore I am extra-motivated to score some points next weekend, and reward the good work of the team.”

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes
“This will be my first visit to India, and it will be very exciting for me to discover the new culture. I am planning to spend a few days in the country and looking forward to doing some sightseeing, particularly making a visit to the Taj Mahal. I hope the first race in India will be a great show for all motorsport fans there, and a big success.

“I enjoy going to new tracks for the first time as I tend to learn them quickly, and it will be very interesting to set the car up as there will be so many unknown points. I hope to be able to fight in amongst the top six cars again, like during the last race in Korea, but this time hopefully I will be able to stay ahead of one of them until the end of the race.”

Ross Brawn, Mercedes team principal
“The Indian Grand Prix will be a new adventure for Formula One, and we are all looking forward to experiencing the country and the Buddh International Circuit for the first time next week. A tremendous amount of work has gone into the new venue and the preparations for this inaugural event, and the interest in India seems to be growing daily. In the second most populous country in the world, this can only be good for Formula One as we continue to expand our fan base by taking the sport to new markets.

“The circuit itself looks to be an interesting challenge and we have been preparing back at the factory with circuit maps, simulations and models. You can do a great deal of work beforehand but nothing replicates the feedback from the drivers on their first laps out on the new circuit on Friday. With just three races remaining, we will be aiming to finish the season on a high and pushing hard to score good points at each one.”

Force India Qualifying Singapore Grand Prix 2011

September 25, 2011

2011 Singapore Grand Prix Qualifying Report – 24 September

Force India shone brightly under the floodlights of Singapore as Adrian Sutil and Paul Di Resta qualified in P9 and P10 respectively for tomorrow’s race.

P9  Adrian Sutil (VJM04/04)
Q1:    1:48.952
Q2     1:47.093

Adrian: “We can be pretty happy with today’s result. Going into qualifying we felt we had the pace to make the top ten, but that being higher than ninth and tenth would be difficult to achieve. So once we made Q3 we felt we had got the maximum from the car and that it would be a better decision to save our tyres. We kept an eye on what Mercedes were doing, but stayed in the garage in the end. I think the advantage of saving a set of tyres is worth it because it’s a tough race for tyres and we have more options with the strategy. For tomorrow, anything could happen in the race but our clear goal is to finally get both cars in the points.”

P10 Paul Di Resta (VJM04/02)
Q1:     1:48.022
Q2:     1:47.486

Paul: “Considering the difficult day I had yesterday, it feels pretty good to be starting in P10 for my first Singapore Grand Prix. We knew yesterday that the car had good performance here and I think we got as much as we could from that session. That’s why we stayed in the garage during Q3 because it gives us a free tyre choice for tomorrow on fresh rubber. In terms of tyres I’ve got to rely a bit on the data from Adrian’s car because I didn’t get a chance to do any high fuel runs yesterday. This morning I didn’t feel quite so comfortable on the supersofts but felt happier on the soft tyre. For the race we’ll be aiming to take the fight to the cars ahead of us, but we also need to keep an eye on the guys behind because all the midfield cars have shown strong race pace recently.”

Dr. Vijay Mallya, Chairman & Team Principal
“We knew coming into this weekend that we had the potential to go well here, and so it proved today. It’s a high downforce track and the car has been fast since the start of practice. In every session we’ve shown top ten pace. So it’s satisfying to convert that into a qualifying result with two cars inside the top ten – the first time we’ve achieved that this season. It’s an especially good result considering the time we lost with Paul’s car yesterday in second practice and he’s done a good job to recover from that. The target tomorrow is clearly to build on today’s showing and come away with both cars in the points.”

Mercedes GP Preview German Grand Prix 2011

July 21, 2011


“The 2011 Formula One season reaches its midway point this weekend with Round 10, the German Grand Prix, hosted at the historic Nürburgring circuit in the Eifel Mountains on Sunday 24 July. After the British Grand Prix on 10 July, the weekend will be the second home race in a row for the MERCEDES GP PETRONAS team.

“The circuit itself presents a complete challenge: The run from the start to the first corner at the Nürburgring is 500m, the furthest of all circuits used in 2011,there are three corners below 100 kph as well as three over 250 kph, so good performance at both low and high speeds is critical.

“Of course, the famous Eifel weather is always capable of throwing a joker into the pack – even in late July – so we need to remain adaptable and ready to seize every opportunity. Our race performance in Silverstone showed signs of an upward trend, and we hope that the practice sessions next weekend will allow us to extract further performance from our new aerodynamic package.

“We will certainly be giving everything in order the get the best possible result on home turf.”

Norbert Haug commented: “The story of the Silver Arrows began 77 years ago at the Nürburgring in 1934, and this year’s German Grand Prix will mark the first time that the modern Silver Arrows, and our MERCEDES GP PETRONAS team, will be racing at this historic circuit.

“This will be a very special weekend for our team, with many of our loyal fans and colleagues supporting Nico, Michael and Mercedes-Benz at our second home race in a fortnight. Formula One is on a high in Germany right now, and the crowd is going to be bigger than when we last raced there in 2009 – hopefully we will see a sell-out on Sunday and a fully packed Mercedes-Benz grandstand at the spectacular Turn 1 as well.

Mercedes Expect to Perform Well in Germany

July 19, 2011

Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button

Michael Schumacher is looking forward to his home Grand Prix and is hopeful of having a faster car. “We saw some improvements over the Silverstone weekend with our new exhaust system, along with improvements to how we work with the tyres, so we go to the next race weekend with a good feeling added to our fighting spirit.

“We definitely want to show our home crowds our best level of performance possible. This season has been a difficult one for performance predictions so far; however I can predict one thing for sure: the extra boost we are receiving will be transformed into extra motivation.

“It will be the first time that I race through the corner which is named after me [turns eight and nine], and obviously I would like to believe that this is not only making me proud, but also even faster.”

Mercedes Team Principal, Ross Brawn, is also expecting an improvement in performance. “Our car showed positive signs of improvement with the new upgrade package and exhaust system in Silverstone, and we have been working hard since then to further enhance our understanding of its performance capabilities.

“We are hopeful of continuing this progression and putting on a good performance next weekend, giving our drivers the opportunity to show what they can do in front of their own supporters.”

Formula 1 Needs More Manufacturers

July 16, 2011

Martin Whitmarsh

Martin Whitmarsh would be happy to see more car manufacturers entering Formula 1 in the near future. “The sport has to be sustainable, as Ferrari and ourselves can’t just race each other – we need all these other teams so sustainability is an important issue.

“We had the tobacco era, then the automotive era, who were natural investors, and now we don’t have enough of them. We have Renault half in, we’ve got Mercedes and Ferrari, but actually we need to create an environment of governance, of regulations, of stability and entertainment which convinces the Hondas, Toyotas and BMWs that it was wrong to pull out and I believe that in time we will get them back and probably can add the Volkswagen/Audis, the Hyundais, whatever.

“We need to create an environment that pulls them in. We need to make sure that we maintain the show. In previous years the complaint was always that the show was no good, but I believe that in the last two years we’ve responded responsibly, and actually we have had some incredible races.

“I think now we have a great show – and that’s good so we can tick the box there. We have to make sure that we are relevant and maybe the new V6 engines do that. I am sure that in the next five years we’ll have one or two more come back in. If these automotive companies go for complete team ownership, then inherently that’s unstable because when they go that leaves a mess.

“We had that with Honda, Toyota and BMW, who came in for ownership and it has been difficult for the sport to manage that. If they come in as technical partners and then decide to quit that’s an easier situation to manage. So I think the ideal model is that we create a situation where we are attractive, we’re relevant and we are powerful and appropriate for automotive manufacturers to be involved in, because the natural affinity is automotive.

“We have to work together as there is a real threat to our business model, which is this whole new world of how people use entertainment and we have to be responsive to that and not to wait until our ‘mark’ is dying. We have to go out there and make it ours.

“I don’t know personally how you are going to do that, but that’s the challenge.”

Ferrari Report British Grand Prix 2011

July 12, 2011

Microsoft Word - CARTA_INTESTATA_F1_2011.doc

Microsoft Word - CARTA_INTESTATA_F1_2011.doc

Two DRS Zones for Canadian Grand Prix

June 8, 2011

McLaren MP4-26

Paddy Lowe, McLaren’s Technical Director is unsure about how much overtaking will take place in Canada this weekend following the the FIA’s introduction of two DRS zones. “It’s something the FIA have developed as a solution. This is the first race at which they’ve had the system fully commissioned in order to run two sectors.

“They clearly feel that will assist overtaking since that’s the point of the DRS. Whether it does or not remains to be seen. Our own analysis – which hasn’t been extensive, I must admit – seems to say that it may not particularly help.

“The role of DRS will play out mostly in the initial straight from the hairpin and the second straight may just aid with performance.

“In theory, if you’ve overtaken on the first straight, ironically the guy ahead will be able to continue to use his DRS on the second straight, even though he’s already overtaken, and open out a bigger gap so we’ll have to see how that pans out.”

Norbert Haug, President of Mercedes Motor Sport is looking forward to its introduction: “On the sporting side, we will be able to assess the impact of two DRS zones in race conditions for the first time, which could contribute to making the action even more exciting.

Ross Brawn, Mercedes Team Principal thinks that it will improve the action:“We have two DRS zones which will increase overtaking at a circuit where passing was already possible. With the combination of DRS and the tyres, this should lead to an exciting and eventful weekend.”

Unhappy Nico Rosberg

June 1, 2011

Nico Rosberg Mercedes W02

Nico Rosberg was very frustrated with his performance at Monaco: “The weekend started really well in practice, fully on it. Everything was looking good but then on Saturday I made a really stupid mistake. One of those mistakes that shouldn’t happen, can’t happen and will not happen again.

“I’m sure there will be better days. Montreal, we’ll be right back up there I’m convinced. We’ll just forget about Monaco and learn what we can. I totally destroyed the car, and that’s horrible. Standing there in the middle of the track, red flag, looking at my car just before qualifying and there was nothing left on the car. No corners. Everything was gone. The whole weekend, I thought it was over.

“Then a miracle. The team did an amazing job. Even Michael’s mechanics were on my car. It was just absolute mayhem and they put it together, unbelievably, in 97 minutes. Even at the beginning of qualifying there were still some missing parts, and 10 minutes later it was ready to go and off I went.

“Not my greatest day. With everything together, an absolute weekend to forget. I was supposed to be on the podium in the Monaco GP and I finished in 11th place. I’m sure there will be better days.

“Montreal, we’ll be right back up there I’m convinced. We’ll just forget about Monaco and learn what we can. I had said in Barcelona I was going to be attacking in Monaco and was going to be right up there, and that’s how I went into the weekend – I was convinced I was going to be on the podium but it didn’t quite go that way.”

McLaren Practice 1 & 2 Monaco Grand Prix 2011

May 26, 2011




Monte-Carlo, Thursday May 26



P1 programme 23 laps                         1m17.350s (+0.731s)     5th

P2 programme                                     33 laps                         1m15.228s (+0.093s)     2nd

“It’s fantastic out there: I love the track, I love the weather. It’s a beautiful place to be. I’m enjoying every lap I drive – and I’ve got the best view of the whole of Monaco when I’m in the car!

“I’m very happy to be here – I’m really pleased with the balance of the car and I kept out of trouble, but it’s going to be close here.

“You quickly get used to DRS and KERS Hybrid, but you’re only really on it for the pit straight and up the hill; you tend not to use it through the slower sections. Maybe I’ll find a few more places to use it for qualifying – but I’ll keep that in my pocket!

“I just love driving the car here – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! It’s so exciting – you can’t afford to make mistakes, the car feels amazing when you’re jumping from kerb to kerb, and there’s no room for error.

“I want to win this grand prix!”



P1 programme                                     24 laps                         1m17.534s (+0.915s)     5th

P2 programme                                     38 laps                         1m15.448s (+0.325s)     4th

“First lap out is always a shock because it’s so slippery. But once the grip goes down, the car works well and it’s really fun to be out there.

“DRS and KERS Hybrid both work around here – I have no issues about deploying DRS, but I’m happy we can’t use it in the tunnel; the FIA definitely made the right decision there. I think we’ve also worked out where to best use KERS Hybrid.

“I feel more comfortable with the car than I did last year, but there are still a few areas that need tweaking. Our car feels reasonably quick, but there’s an awful lot of competition out there.

“There’s a lot less degradation than I think we all expected. I did a long-run on the Super-Soft, and while there’s some degradation, it’s reasonably good. The same is true of the harder tyre. But it’s still not easy to decide what strategy will work best around here on Sunday afternoon.


Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“It always feels pleasant to be on the Côte d’Azur on a sunny day – and it feels even better when you’ve got two cars looking consistently competitive after the first day of practice at Monte-Carlo.

“I think the whole team did an extremely solid job today: both Lewis and Jenson drove very well, kept out of trouble and were able to refine their cars throughout both sessions. The engineers and the mechanics also worked faultlessly together at what is without doubt the most difficult of challenges from an engineering and logistical point of view.

“While it’s encouraging to see both cars towards the top of the time-sheets, we’re under no illusions that this will be anything other than an extremely closely fought weekend: it’s clear that Red Bull Racing, Ferrari and Mercedes GP all look very strong – and that bodes well for a very tight battle for qualifying and an extremely entertaining race on Sunday.”

Problems Frustrate Nico Rosberg

May 23, 2011

Nico Rosberg – Mercedes W01

Nico Rosberg was disappointed that his DRS was not working and this prevented him from overtaking his team mate, Michael Schumacher: “There were some cool battles, but unfortunately it was a difficult race for me.

“The radio didn’t work so that made it difficult to understand the race because there’s so much you have to do with the settings and fuel saving, so that was a bit challenging then my rear wing also broke so I didn’t have the overtaking system and it made it very difficult to overtake. Otherwise for sure I could’ve moved up and I’m sure I would’ve finished a lot closer to the top because I think I had pretty good pace today.

“It didn’t look like he (Schumacher) had a good balance. I was pretty happy with my car, it felt good. I think I had good speed but there’s still a lot of work to do because unfortunately I don’t think we really managed to close the gap yet.”

Michael Schumacher commented: “We managed to make the most out of our possibilities today which is good news, especially for our guys who I am happy for.

“I had a good start; going right through the middle was tight but fortunately it worked out. Then the race was about holding position from there.

“We can be happy with the result but other than that, it was just tricky with oversteer, tyre degradation and poor balance to deal with. Still we achieved what we could have, and I look forward to going to Monaco.”

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