Ferrari Managements’ Report Japanese Grand Prix 2011

October 11, 2011

Microsoft Word - CARTA_INTESTATA_F1_2011.doc

Stefano Domenicali: “First of all on behalf of the Scuderia, I wish to congratulate Sebastian Vettel on clinching his second Drivers’ title: he has had an incredible season and this fantastic result is well deserved!

“As for us, I don’t think it’s out of place if, for the second time running, I use the adjective amazing, this time to describe Fernando Alonso’s race today. Our driver was always on the attack and came very close to a win which would have been incredible, given our performance two weeks ago in Singapore. All these changes of fortune in terms of who is competitive, confirm once again how hard it is to understand as well as possible the real performance of the car-tyre packages at each track.

“Felipe was also having a very good race, at least until the contact with Hamilton: the damage his car suffered in this incident probably penalised him excessively in the second part of the race.

“There are still four races to go this season, in which we will do our utmost to achieve the objectives that are still within our reach: winning again, taking Fernando to second in the Drivers’ classification and learning as much as possible from this car with a view to 2012.”

Pat Fry: “A great result today at Suzuka, especially in terms of how competitive we were on track. Fernando came very close to winning, getting the very most out of the equipment at his disposal, trying to attack at every conceivable opportunity.

“Felipe also drove a good race, but first he might have paid the price for a pit stop that was delayed by a few laps and then there was the contact with Hamilton: in the end he found himself in traffic and we have often seen this year how hard it is to pass a Mercedes, even if we have a better pace.

“We had a three stop strategy, aware that it would not be an easy one to manage given the rather high level of tyre degradation. The Safety Car period gave everyone a hand and, for once, even the traffic helped us a bit, at least with Fernando. We were not able to make the most of our pace in the final part of each stint with the Soft tyres, because in any case it always costs you a bit pitting early, at least until the point at which you don’t lengthen the final stint of the race too much.

“Here too, the performance on the Mediums was not that bad, also because we suffered a lot less from our traditional problem of getting the harder compound up to temperature. Now we will try to do the same again next weekend in Korea: it would be nice to get another win before the end of the season, but we know it will be difficult!”

Alonso 2nd 1:30.54.587 +1.160

Massa 7th 1:31.21.667 +28.240

Weather: air 26 °C, track 38/35 °C. Chassis: Alonso 291, Massa 290

Ferrari Pleased with British Grand Prix Win

July 20, 2011

Fernando Alonso Ferrari 150 Monaco

Ferrari are relieved at winning their first Grand prix this season at Silverstone as their Team Principal, Stefano Domenicali commented: “For the first three months of the season I would give a negative score to Ferrari for its performance but I would say the last part of the first half of the year was better because, although we only took one win, we were competitive enough to have won more, but for various circumstances, so I would score it slightly higher, maybe a bit more than the average, in the hope that the second half of the season will be higher still.

“We don’t have to look at the classification, but instead make sure that our performance is always at the highest standard race by race. We know of course that this is difficult because the competition is extremely strong. Then, we will see later on what will be the outcome of the championship but at the moment we will just fight race by race.

“That victory in Silverstone was an important moment in this season, made more so as it was also linked to our first victory sixty years ago with Gonzalez on the same track.

“We know that Ferrari cannot be happy with winning just one race so far this season, but it was important for the morale of everyone in the company to make sure that everyone feels the pleasant atmosphere that comes with being successful.

“I never considered a season without a win. Don’t forget that in the last eighteen years, Ferrari has always won at least one grand prix per year. Eighteen years is a lot and I don’t think that other teams can claim this sort of result.”

Ferrari Looking for Second Win

July 13, 2011

Microsoft Word - CARTA_INTESTATA_F1_2011.doc

Hamilton Happy at McLaren Providing Car is Competitive

June 15, 2011

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has been discussing his future following recent comments in the press that he has been speaking to Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull: “I’ve grown up wanting to be world champion and I’ve definitely not achieved all that I want to [in Formula 1] so definitely I’ll be spending as much time as I can there until I do achieve what I’ve always wanted to do.

“In terms of where I am, again I’m just very fortunate to be a part of McLaren. It’s one of the best teams there with great history and we’ve now got a car which is capable of winning, as my team-mate showed at the weekend.

“We are the only other team that has won grands prix this year so I don’t see why you’d particularly want to move when you have the most competitive car. So as long as we have the car that can do the job, then there will be no reason to leave.

“I know all the managers, the bosses and I know lots of people at the teams. I know Stefano Domenicali and we chat all the time and with Norbert Haug we chat all the time and Christian – when I was going from Formula 3 to GP2 I went and had a meeting with Christian when he was [running] the Red Bull [backed] team back in Formula 3000 I think it was but I know everyone, so I speak to all the people during the weekend.”

Ferrari Experiencing Tyre Compound Problems

May 23, 2011

Fernando Alonso Ferrari F10

Ferrari’s Team Principal, Stefano Domenicali, is concerned that the hard compound tyres do not suit the Ferraris. He commented: “At least you cannot say that Pirelli is working for Ferrari… there were doubts at the beginning, that the company would make sure that the tyres for the team would be perfect! Now, apart from that, we need to see what will be the future.

“We need to work very closely with them, to see if this is the right one that we should have. We need to be very cautious. We have seen so many different things happen in the first couple of races since the beginning, and it is difficult to make a judgement at the moment.

“What we saw in Spain were conditions that needed to have maximum downforce, and we don’t have it! We have to multiply the fact that with the hard tyre we were not able to make it work. Remember Fernando was leading for 18 laps – so in 46 laps we were lapped – losing around three seconds per lap. That is difficult to explain.

“I have to say that this was the worst race for us since the beginning in terms of race pace. The last couple of races we were quick, and it is a shame but we have seen that things are so changeable this year, and maybe the tyre aspect has made a big difference so we need to be cautious.

“We need to see where we will be in the next couple of grands prix, as we will have different tyres, which are much softer, and different configuration of cars. Then we will see where we are in the championship, because we will not give up.

“The nature of the people in Maranello has to be that they need to push and, if we still see a light, we need to work hard. We want to see if we can keep it alive as long as possible, so we still believe.”

Monaco Will Be More Dangerous With DRS

May 14, 2011

Rubens Barrichello Williams FW32

Although some teams have stated that they are not in favour of DRS being used at the Monaco Grand Prix on safety grounds, not all of the teams were in agreement. If DRS were not permitted, then wings, specifically designed for Monaco would have to be constructed. The FIA has therefore stated that DRS will not be banned, as the teams were unable to reach a concensus.

DRS can be deployed any time during qualifying and with high tyre degradation and lower downforce, driving, especially through the tunnel, will be potentially far more dangerous.

Rubens Barrichello, the Chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, is totally opposed to its implimentation: “I just think it is wrong. I would love the people at the top to sit in the car and try to do the tunnel with the DRS open.

“In my opinion, they are waiting for something bad to happen and when it happens, they will just say, ‘oh, next year we will not have it for Monaco.’ The drivers have not been listened to right now and I think it is the wrong decision.

“You are going to try to use it there (in the tunnel). I can see a race with safety cars a long way. If they could listen still: I think Monaco is what it is. It is not overtaking territory.

“Do they think they can introduce overtaking through the DRS? They possibly can, but they might hurt someone. That is a voice from experience.

Ferrari’s Stefano Domenicali commented: “There was a lot of debate between drivers yes and no. I think Monaco could be tough, but when you speak about safety it is better to stay quiet and not say anything in public but, for sure, it will be very tricky but this is the decision and we need to make the maximum use from it.”

Alonso Achieves Third in Turkey

May 9, 2011

Fernando Alonso Ferrari F10

Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari’s Team Principal, was very relieved when Fernando Alonso secured third place at the Turkish Grand Prix. “It’s been a very long time since we last saw one of our drivers on the podium and today, finally, we were able to.

“Fernando drove a very nice race, to crown a great weekend on his part.He did not put a foot wrong and was aggressive when he needed to be and prudent when he had to manage the situation. I am very sorry for Felipe, who had every possibility of also getting a good result.

“We had already seen in the three previous races that, in the race, the 150º Italia seemed to be the more beautiful sister of the one seen on Saturday afternoon in qualifying, but for one reason or another, in the first three Grands Prix, we never managed to make the most of all its potential.

“Today we were competitive for long periods and if Fernando had not been stuck behind Rosberg for a few laps after the start, he could have even put Vettel under more pressure.

“We must definitely not get carried away with this third place. The road is still very long and there is still a very long way to go to where we want to be. At least we have shown that we have started off down the right road.”

Ferrari are Still Struggling

April 20, 2011

Fernando Alonso Ferrari F10

Stefano Domenicali has commented on Ferrari’s poor performance on track compared to the results that they have obtained from their wind tunnel experiments:

“That is the most important thing, for sure. If you look back, this is where we need to work hard. The performance of the car is still not there, even if the race is different from qualifying.

“I am a pragmatic guy, and I am expecting a big push from the guys back home, the engineers and the people but I know it is not a short-term job.

“We need to react and I am sure the people at home want to show, I would say, to all of us what we want to do. I am not expecting a miracle in Turkey, because I think it will take longer but it is the right approach in order to make sure that we can close the gap that is in qualifying not acceptable for sure.

“Of course the disappointment of the result is there, we cannot say it different, but we need to analyse the race.

“I know there is a lot of dispute, whether it was right to be on a two-stop or a three-stop. If you look at the gaps that we have with the first six cars, they are so close so a little thing can change the end of the race.

“In the case of Fernando, he had the misfortune to attack a lot of laps Michael and that destroyed the tyres at that stage and he had to manage to the end.

“With Felipe his first two stints were really good, the same pace as all the cars in front, and he arrived within one second of Vettel but in the last part of the hard tyres, they dropped away much more than we were expecting.”


Tyres and Conditions can affect Overtaking with DRS

April 19, 2011

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg is very enthusiastic about the new regulations introduced this year. “F1 has done a brilliant job. How exciting have the races been? They have been stunning.

“There is nobody saying we are having boring races. There is overtaking left, right, and centre – everywhere so, they have done a really, really good job and that is the most important thing that needs to be highlighted.

“The people in charge have made the sport from one year to the next so much more exciting, and that is awesome for the fans and everything. It is really cool, isn’t it? It is the tyres and the rear wing.

“The rear wing – best idea ever probably, for this sport no, and tyres also? Pirelli, everybody has been criticising them, but they have made our sport spectacular. So that is cool.”

Ferrari’s team principal, Stefano Domenicali, believes that the condition of the tyres also plays a part in being able to overtake using DRS.

“We’ve seen three different situations in three different races, so we need to wait more to find out what is the right balance. In my view, and this is a personal view, you see the activation point of the DRS has a different effect if you are at the beginning of the race or the end of the race, depending on the tyres that you have.

“So it is a tyre effect, not related to the speed or that you are behind. It is the way the tyres behave, so we need to see what is the best solution in that respect. We saw Australia, Malaysia and China were different, but the main reason in China for overtaking was that the tyres were so different you could overtake.”

Ferrari Need to Improve Downforce

April 11, 2011

Fernando Alonso Ferrari F11

Stefano Domenicali knows that the Ferraris need to be quicker in qualifying: “It is clear that we need to have a better car, because if we want to match the qualifying pace of the other competitors that is what we need.

“The team has to be strong on that and united. Fernando is a clear element of reference, together with Felipe, there is no doubt about it but this is what we have to do. For sure we need to react quickly, even if it is a long season. From Saturday to Sunday, if you look at the race situation, they were two different worlds so we need to keep on working.

“We know that for sure our race pace is much better than qualifying. I think that the most important element is to understand the usage of tyres in the race, because we have seen it very clearly that there are differences between drivers who are driving the same car, so this has an important effect.

“One element where we have to have a big step is to create better downforce on our car. That is the key of our performance because, if we do that, we can start much further in front on the grid.

“We could see at the start that both our guys were behind Mark Webber, who did not make a fantastic start. Then you are in the traffic at the first corner and it is always then a race where you have to climb up, rather than go down.

“So, it is clear that the main thing we have to focus on is how to work better in qualifying because the gap we saw on Saturday was too big but if you take the comparison, and we need to take out for a while Vettel at this moment, with Webber and the McLaren, I think we were there, we were fighting for a podium position in a crystal clear way.

“So there are a lot of things to understand and a lot depends really on the downforce of the car, and the understanding of how to use the best of the tyres because that is an element that can be very important.”


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