Red Bull Bahrain Test Day Three

April 17, 2014



Driver: Daniel Ricciardo

Car: RB10

Laps: 28

Best time: 1:40.781

Circuit length: 5.412km

 Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s third day of testing at the Bahrain International Circuit got off to a positive start this morning as Daniel Ricciardo took over at the wheel of the RB10. However, midway through today’s running the team discovered a mechanical problem and in anticipation of tomorrow’s final day, the decision was taken to suspend running this afternoon.

 “It was going OK,” said Daniel of his morning outing. “I did some good laps and those came off the back of the more than 50 laps Seb did yesterday, so we’re getting there. Obviously, I would have liked to do more this afternoon but we still have tomorrow ahead of us and it’s important to be ready for that. The car is definitely making progress though. It’s coming together bit by bit. We’d love a big chunk all at once but obviously that’s not the way these things work, so we have to be a bit patient for now. However, it is coming and we’re heading in the right direction. Tomorrow it would be nice to get more laps in and then roll on next week.”

 Race Engineering Co-ordinator Andy Damerum said: “After yesterday’s good work we had another positive period overnight with the car build, which we’re getting quite good at, and it looked good this morning. We were focused on short runs for Daniel, as the car feels very different to the one we had in Jerez and we wanted to build things up gradually for him. We made more changes over lunch and in doing so we came across a mechanical issue that we hadn’t encountered before and because of its nature it means we have to take the car apart. As everyone in the pit lane is finding out this is a long process, so we decided to suspend running in the afternoon so that we can be ready for the final day. These issues are of course frustrating but this was unrelated to the others so it’s just a case of tackling each issue as it appears. A tough night in prospect but we hope to get a good day in tomorrow.”

Ferrari Day 2 Test Bahrain 2014

April 13, 2014

Circuit: Sakhir Circuit – 5.412 km
Driver: Fernando Alonso
Car: Ferrari F14 T
Weather: air temperature 27/34°C, track temperature 31/44 °C. Sunny.
Laps/Km completed: 12/64
Best time: 1:37.912

Once again, Fernando Alonso took to the Sakhir track at the wheel of the F14 T for the second and final day of this in-season test at the Bahraini circuit.

On the job list for today was a series of set-up tests, carried out based on data from yesterday. Unfortunately, testing had to be called to a halt when the chassis was found to be damaged.

After the necessary checks were made, the team decided to bring the test to a premature end as a precautionary measure.

The next time the cars will be on track will be Friday 18 April in free practice for the Chinese Grand Prix.

McLaren Day 2 Test Bahrain 2014

April 13, 2014

Test report – Bahrain day two

 Date                             Wednesday April 9 2014

Driver                           Kevin Magnussen

Location                       Bahrain International Circuit (5.412km)

Today’s laps/km           26/141

Overall laps/km            128/693

Best laptime                 1m36.203s

 Programme                  Kevin Magnussen was once again behind the wheel for the second, and final, day of running in Bahrain.

                                     The day’s programme began well, with the team able to complete its planned aerodynamic correlation work; however, a car problem pitched Kevin into the Sakhir gravel just before lunchtime, and the team spent much of the remainder of the day repair the subsequent damage to the chassis.

                                     Kevin was able to return to the track for the final half-hour of running, during which he set his fastest time of the day, but the lengthy repairs meant he was only able to complete 26 laps.

 1 Lewis Hamilton                       Mercedes          1m34.136s        120 laps

2 Jean-Eric Vergne                    Toro Rosso       1m35.557s        64 laps

3 Kevin Magnussen                  McLaren           1m36.203s        26 laps

4 Sergio Perez                          Force India        1m36.586s        63 laps

5 Daniel Ricciardo                     Red Bull            1m37.310s        68 laps

6 Jules Bianchi                          Marussia           1m37.316s        93 laps

7 Giedo Van Der Garde             Sauber              1m37.623s        77 laps

8 Fernando Alonso                    Ferrari               1m37.912s        12 laps

9 Marcus Ericsson                     Caterham          1m39.263s        66 laps

10 Felipe Nasr                           Williams            1m39.879s        64 laps

11 Romain Grosjean                  Lotus                1m43.732s        17 laps

12 Pastor Maldonado                Lotus                1m55.613s        4 laps

 What’s next                  The team returns to the UK and completes its preparations for next weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix

 Test dates                    Two days (April 8-9)

Red Bull Day 2 Test Bahrain 2014

April 13, 2014


Wednesday 9 April 2014


Driver: Daniel Ricciardo

Car: RB10

Laps: 67

Best time: 1:37.310

Circuit length: 5.412km

Fastest Lap: L. Hamilton (1:34.136)

 After a morning hampered by an electrical issue, Daniel Ricciardo got through 67 laps of the Sakhir Circuit in the afternoon on the final day of the first in-season test in Bahrain. The problem meant that aerodynamic work scheduled for the early part of the day had to be carried over to the afternoon, with the result that Daniel spent most of the afternoon running short data-gathering stints.

 “We had a few issues this morning which limited our running, but the afternoon was a lot better”, said Daniel. “This afternoon was about gathering a lot of data for the aero guys, so there were no real performance runs, just pure testing. At the end of the day we got a few medium-length runs in and a few balance changes, like we did yesterday. So, not really a day for the timesheets, but one for the people at the factory and the guys behind the laptops.”

 Race Engineering Co-ordinator Andy Damerum added: “It was a bit of a mixed bag today. We had planned to do a chunk of mapping work this morning but we discovered an electrical issue that put paid to most of our morning.

We had a fairly strict schedule run plan today, so that mapping work then got moved to the afternoon and we got through it successfully and got a lot of data from that. No real performance runs at all and most Daniel’s running was out and in stuff, but I think the amount of information we gathered will make a few people back at the factory extremely happy.

Then in the last three quarters of an hour we had a chance to get through a few test items. So, a pretty successful day in terms of the afternoon work but obviously we would have liked to have had a totally smooth day in order to get through the whole programme. But it’s all good value and we’ll head home tonight having learned a lot and with a lot more information to sift through in the coming days.”

Williams Day 2 Test Bahrain 2014

April 13, 2014


Driver: Felipe Nasr
Chassis / Engine: FW36-03 / PU106A Hybrid
Location: Bahrain International Circuit, 5.412km
Objectives: Pirelli Tyres evaluation
Weather: Hot & sunny
Maximum air & track temps: 35ºC / 44ºC

Rob Smedley, Head of Vehicle Performance:  We carried out the test programme set down by Pirelli today so they set us the tasks and we carry them out as required. We had some control issues at the end of the day, but that’s why we go testing, to iron these out. We are content with the day and hope we delivered some good data back to Pirelli.

Felipe Nasr: Today was our allocated day for work on next season’s Pirelli tyres. We worked on many new compounds and it was another productive day for me to learn the processes and feeling of driving a Formula One car, and I did quite a few miles. Doing a tyre test means you can test the tyres to the extreme which was a good experience. I also got to experience the differences between different compounds and how they affect the car and the balance. Running a Formula One tyre when it hasn’t been in a blanket was one of the most interesting things as it’s very difficult to get them up to temperature, even in the Bahrain heat, it will be even more of a challenge at tracks such as Silverstone or Spa. 

Williams F1 Team

Sauber Day 2 Test Bahrain 2014

April 13, 2014

Test three in Bahrain – Day two

Bahrain International Circuit, 9th April 2014 – On the second test day in Bahrain, the Sauber F1 Team ran through a shortened test programme with a positive outcome. After having issues with the power unit in the morning, the team was forced to interrupt the session for approximately two hours. The team could not therefore continue with the planned aero measurements. In the afternoon, test and reserve driver Giedo van der Garde continued with testing different set-ups and doing long runs. In total, the Dutchman completed 77 laps.

Bahrain International Circuit / 5.412 km
Driver: Giedo van der Garde
Weather: Sunny, air 31-37 °C, track 32-44 °C
Chassis / engine: C33-03 / Ferrari
Laps today: 77 laps, 416.724 km
Fastest lap: 1:37.623

Paul Russell, Test Engineer:
“Overall it was a good day. In the morning, we had issues with the power unit, so we lost about two hours solving the problem. However, we had a good afternoon. We worked on the car set-up and also the qualifying settings. Towards the end of the day, we did some long runs during which we were working on the race performance. It was great that Giedo could have more experience with the car. He has started to feel comfortable with all the control panels and also with the team. We found a couple of things today which are quite interesting and helpful.”

Giedo van der Garde:
“All in all, it was a positive day. Unfortunately, we could only run a few laps before the lunch break. However, in the afternoon we could start our test programme, and I think we did a lot of work today. For me, it was good to be back in the car. I had the chance to drive the car all day in comparison to the 20 laps I did in FP1 last Friday. I am satisfied with where we are right now. We found something interesting during the long runs in the end. Besides that, I think the performance run was also quite good as it was during the hottest part of the day, so the time was pretty good. All in all, I am happy that I got the chance to drive the C33 again and I am looking forward to being back behind the wheel for FP1 in China.”

What comes next
The Sauber F1 Team will be travelling to the UBS Chinese Grand Prix, the fourth round of the FIA Formula One World Championship,  which will take place from the 18th to 20th of April 2014 at the Shanghai International Circuit.

Caterham Day 2 Test Bahrain 2014

April 13, 2014




Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain – 9th April 2014

Driver: Marcus Ericsson, #9

Chassis: CT05-#01

Total laps: 66

Fastest lap: 1.39.263

Marcus Ericsson: “It was a good morning session for us, running through a plan that started with aero work with a front wheel wake rake fitted for aero evaluation, and then some work on the braking system that gave us a lot of interesting information. We didn’t really have any issues so we were able to get through most of the morning runplan and then broke for lunch just before the morning session ended.

“In the afternoon session we started with a number of runs with a rear wing rake on, carrying out more aero work and then removed it to start the final planned runs of the test, but on my 13th run of the day we had an issue that stopped the car at turn eight. We got the car back and identified the problem as an ERS electrical issue but didn’t have enough time to fix it and go back out so that was the end of the test.

“Even with the problem in the afternoon we got through a lot of work today and everyone’s reasonably pleased with what we’ve achieved. We have a lot more information to work through at the factory before China – now it’s time to pack up for the last time in Bahrain in 2014 and prepare for the next race weekend in Shanghai in a week’s time.”

Sauber Day 1 Test Bahrain 2014

April 13, 2014



 Test three in Bahrain – Day one

Bahrain International Circuit, 8th April 2014 – The Sauber F1 Team enjoyed a good first day of testing in Bahrain. In the morning the team was able to do some aero work including measurements on the C33. During the afternoon session, the Sauber F1 Team continued its programme with some long runs. Sergey Serotkin drove the C33 for the first time at the Bahrain International Circuit. The Russian completed more than 300 km, which is a requirement to receive the super licence.

Bahrain International Circuit / 5.412 km
Driver: Sergey Sirotkin
Weather: Sunny, air 25-31 °C, track 32-44 °C
Chassis / engine: C33-03 / Ferrari
Laps today: 76 laps
Fastest lap: 1:39.023

Paul Russell, Test Engineer:
It was a good day. We did everything we wanted to do and completed our test programme. In the morning we did some aero measurements and the procedures went well. With the new medium tyres Sergey continuously improved his lap times. We practiced all the procedures associated with the car. With the new power unit there is a lot to do for the driver. As he had not driven the car before and did not know the track either, he had a lot to do in the cockpit. Sergey had to learn all of this and he handled it pretty well. The lap times were very good. He seemed to be learning the car and the track quite well. In the afternoon, we continued our programme and finished the day with the long runs. All in all, it was a positive day.

Sergey Sirotkin:
Everything felt great today. It was the first time for me in Bahrain and I liked the track. In comparison to what I am used to driving in World Series by Renault, I have quite a lot more engine power and more acceleration with the Sauber C33. On my fast lap in the morning I made a few mistakes, so I probably lost a second. But all in all, it was a good start to the session. In the afternoon we had some difficulties with my shoes. They were too small, so it was pretty painful when I was braking. When we changed the shoes, it was still not the best and difficult to drive. It was not easy, but I am glad we completed the 300 kms. We know that there is a lot of potential for improvement and we should all be happy with this.

What comes next
Tomorrow test and reserve driver Giedo van der Garde will take over the wheel of the Sauber C33-Ferrari. 

McLaren Day 1 Test Bahrain 2014

April 13, 2014

Test report – Bahrain day one

 Date                             Tuesday April 8 2014

Driver                           Kevin Magnussen

Location                       Bahrain International Circuit (5.412km)

Laps/km                       102/552            

Best laptime                 1m36.634s

 Programme                  Just two days after the thrilling and frantic Bahrain Grand Prix, the McLaren Mercedes team was back in action at the Sakhir track for the first of this year’s four in-season test sessions.

 With 2014’s pre-season tests focused primarily on mileage, reliability running and component validation, this week provides us with a valuable opportunity to undertake some in-depth analysis in order to broaden and deepen our understanding of MP4-29.

 Despite making some lengthy set-up changes to the car between runs, Kevin Magnussen managed to complete 102 laps without problem.

 1 Nico Rosberg             Mercedes          1m35.697s        121 laps

2 Nico Hulkenberg         Force India        1m36.064s        69 laps

3 Fernando Alonso        Ferrari               1m36.626s        68 laps

4 Kevin Magnussen      McLaren           1m36.634s        102 laps

5 Valtteri Bottas            Williams            1m37.305s        28 laps

6 Max Chilton                Marussia           1m37.678s        60 laps

7 Daniel Ricciardo         Red Bull            1m38.326s        91 laps

8 Sergey Sirotkin           Sauber              1m39.023s        76 laps

9 Robin Frijns                Caterham          1m40.027s        62 laps

10 Pastor Maldonado    Lotus                1m40.183s        16 laps

11 Daniil Kvyat              Toro Rosso       1m40.452s        67 laps

 What’s next                  Kevin wraps up the test tomorrow (Wednesday) – the day will focus on some planned component testing

 Test dates                    Two days (April 8-9)

Williams Day 1 Bahrain Test 2014

April 13, 2014


Driver: Valtteri Bottas
Chassis / Engine: FW36-03 / PU106A Hybrid
Location: Bahrain International Circuit, 5.412km
Objectives: Aero evaluations & set-up work
Weather: Hot & sunny
Maximum air & track temps: 33ºC / 44ºC

Rob Smedley, Head of Vehicle Performance: We had good mix of tests today with aero, mechanical, car set-up, electronics and power unit, and we managed to get through everything which is hugely encouraging. The results were very positive and we collected a lot of good data, which is good news. Valtteri also did a good job for us today. We are pleased to be running here as it has given us that chance to build on the data from the weekend and means we have continued development from the start of the race weekend. Felipe Nasr will be in the car for us tomorrow as we complete a 2015 tyre test programme for Pirelli.

Valtteri Bottas: Overall it was a good day as we managed to complete the programme as planned. We then worked on set-up and we were quite experimental, so hopefully that will help in the next few races. Next it was time to test some new aero components with some positive results. The track conditions were different from the race, but actually better for testing as there was less wind.

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